Our History

Driven by a desire to provide his customers with better service, William B. Dryden, Sr. founded Dryden Provision Company in October 1961. As a territory salesman for the old Rath Packing Company in Waterloo, Iowa, Bill Dryden shipped fresh meats by railroad to a local Dryden Truckcartage company for distribution to his customers in the Louisville area since 1949. However by the early 1960’s freight costs dictated that Rath provide only one rail delivery to Louisville. Since most grocery store and meat markets had very limited space in those days, Bill saw a real problem trying to keep his customers supplied with the highest quality fresh meats on a timely basis. His solution was to buy the meats himself from Rath and find a place to store it and distribute to his customers out of his station wagon.

With the help of one of his customers, Dryden was eventually able to secure a refrigerated building on East Jefferson Street in Louisville, in an area known as The Haymarket , a local farmers market of that era and Dryden Provision Company was born. Both Bill and his wife Dorothy worked around the clock in the early years to establish their business based on customer service.

Dryden OfficeBy the mid-sixties, they had outgrown their location, and the Urban Renewal project wanted to re develop the Haymarket area. Bill decided it was time to move, so in 1967 Mr. Dryden built what was at that time a state of the art distribution warehouse of nearly 25,000 square feet. Constructed of concrete block and with a concrete roof, it was a facility built to withstand the fickle Ohio Valley weather. The facility has two refrigerated storage coolers and one storage freezer.

Today, Dryden Provision Company still operates out of the East Washington Street facility, with second and third generation of Drydens still involved, providing a vast array of pork, beef, veal, lamb, smoked, processed and deli meats, cheeses, salads and even a little poultry and seafood. And we continue to offer daily delivery and pick up for the local area, as well as supplying customers within a hundred mile radius of Louisville.

And that’s why we’re now referred to as “Dryden Providin’".